A Hole in the Wind


A Hole in the Wind is David’s book about cycling, climate change across the country, and how people along the way are being affected. Climate change is the central environmental issue of our time. But A Hole in the Wind is also about the people David met and the experiences he had along the way, like the toddler’s beauty pageant in Delaware, the tornado in Missouri, rust-belt towns and their relationship with fracking, and the mined-out uranium ghost town in Wyoming. As he rides, David discusses the climate with audiences varying from laboratories to diners to elementary schools. Beautifully simple, direct, and honest, A Hole in the Wind is a fresh, refreshing ride through a difficult and controversial topic, and a rich read.

Advance praise for A Hole in the Wind:

“Sobering yet paradoxically upbeat, a freewheeling, kaleidoscopic chronicle of faces, places, facts and acts of human folly, kindness and courage spun with flair by that rarest of all creatures, a scientist-storyteller. I thoroughly enjoyed Goodrich’s narrative and learned more about fracking, crabs, climate, hurricanes and headwinds than I ever thought possible.” — David Downie, author of Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James and A Passion for Paris.

“This cyclist’s view of how things really are effectively cuts across head-butting arguments about global warming. A compelling narrative enlivened as much by the author’s encounters on the road as by his skillful unfolding of scientific knowledge.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Entertaining and instructive, Goodrich’s travelogue showcases one man’s heroic efforts to confront this century’s greatest environmental crisis.” — Carl Hays, Booklist

“This rollicking good read is really three stories in one. First and foremost, Dave Goodrich brings to life what it is really like to ride a bicycle across the United States. Along the way he provides fascinating insights into Americana, from a toddlers’ beauty pageant in Delaware to where the steak on his dinner plate in Montana really came from (hint: local farm to table isn’t a universal concept). Woven throughout the story is the tale of climate change and how its impacts are already being experienced, from a causeway in Delaware awash in rising seas to burning forests in Idaho. What’s more, Dr. Goodrich is a world-recognized scientist with a scientist’s fidelity to reality, so you can trust that what you read.” — Dr. Thomas Peterson, President, Commission for Climatology, World Meteorological Organization

“A diverting memoir for long-distance bikers and hikers. This title may be more effective at educating about climate change than chronicling the author’s trip, making it an alluring option for those who want to learn about global warming as well.” — Wade Lee, Library Journal

“At the end of a high-level career in climate science, David Goodrich cycled from Delaware to Oregon looking for a “hole in the wind” — a human future in the unrelenting march of climate change. Over a rain- and sweat-soaked 6,700 kilometres, he encountered Pennsylvanians at the fracking frontline, forest fires in Wyoming and scores of people in diners, labs and schools profoundly concerned about coming realities. Ultimately, he sees humanity’s capacity for economic transformation and reform as up to the job.” — Nature

A Hole in the Wind was released in June 2017 from Pegasus Books.